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Bloom & Brown is a unique network of interior design firms that strive to create beautiful and functional residential and commercial spaces. We match you with the right firm, with the right people that capture your needs and expectations.






Our goal at Bloom& Brown is to put Doha’s best interior designers at your disposal, a selection of talented and skilled interior designers that you can rely on and work with to bring your project and vision to life.
At B&B we have set ourselves to connect, grow and nurish talented interior designers with a promising personal touch in Doha and beyond. We believe in delivering creative and beautiful designs, to guide the style and details towards the vision you hope for.



Al Hilal

Al Asiri

Al Nasr

Al Gahnim

Al Hitmi


Al Thumama

Abu Hamour

Ain Khaled


Al Sadd

Rereej Al Ali

Al Maamoura

Al Soudan

Al Messila

Fereej Kulaib

Al Jebailat

Al areen garden

Al Markhiya


Al Duhail

Al Gharafa

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Before we dive into schematics and designs, our designers begin the process with a consultation in which we lay the groundwork for the project by understanding your needs and wants. Once we know the details, as well as style and preference we can set budgets, refine the scope of work and begin planning


The team in charge begin this step by studying the project’s finer points. Additional visits to the site might be required in order to get a better grasp of how everything will eventually come together. Lighting, space, and positioning are all little details that go a long way in giving the designer the perspective needed to excel. With on-site analysis out of the way, the team turns their attention inwards, towards their own ideas, styles and approaches, in order to lay a preliminary with which to approach your project. This stage is where the design begins.


During this phase, the designer will have prepared a concept and our team would have prepared all the finer details, from a preliminary schematic design that outlines the concept and sets the budget, to 3D renderings that display the desired project results. At this point, the designer discusses the project details with you, finetuning the plans to fit the vision and making changes where desired. Once the concept is approved and agreed upon, the team moves to the design development stage.


The design development stage begins and ends with the concept’s development. The team takes the approved design to the drawing board, setting the stage and building upon it. During this stage the project becomes very defined and detailed, including furnishing layouts, material boards and a more defined budget scope. While the designers work on its development, the team focuses their efforts on the contractor documents, providing construction drawings, specifications and the Bill of Material. During this phase we ensure that the design can be finalized to try and avoid major changes later on.


This phase refers mostly to the various systems that your new space would need. This refers to electrical systems, Air conditioning systems, plumbing and partitioning as well as security systems to name a few. By the end of this phase, you will need to review the project together with the design team for the final time before construction begins.


The construction phase is where you start to see your space come to life under your designer’s supervision. Our network has the very best construction teams who will be carrying out the installation work. Take place on site. At this point, the vision that the client and designer have created begins to show itself.

Quality Check

We don’t just drive away! Once the construction is done, a date is set for our team to visit the site with you and assess the delivery of the project, as well as the quality in terms of design and construction. Customer satisfaction plays a large role in our network ethos and our goal is to ensures your satisfaction. Any gaps in the construction would be identified in this stage and would be remedied. Note that we provide guarantees even after the space is in use.

A Network of Contractors in Doha

Our network of private contractors and professionals can assist with a wide range of items/affairs.

Window installation & maintenance

Surveyor Services
Storage Facilities
Driveways & Paving
Cladding & Exterior
Tree services
Solar Power

Wallpaper & Painting

Heating & Air Conditioning
Landscaping and Gardening
Electric Services
Cleaning & Rubbish Removal
Carpet cleaning
Garage Door
Roofing & Gutters
Removal Services
Pest Control
Furniture Restoration & Upholstery

Specific Design Services

You might not be looking to design the entire space, or perhaps you'd only like to renovate a small area within. In either case, We offer certain design services in Doha that strictly fit your needs.




Doha Home Improvement

Home improvement is at the heart of B&B’s area of expertise. Devices, systems or additions that require professional design and/or installation can also be contracted individually.

Tiles, Stone & Benchtops
Stone, Pavers & Concrete
Shutters, Blinds & Curtains
Septic Tanks & Sewage Systems

Lighting Services

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Home Automation & Home Theatre Design

Furniture & Home Decor

Fireplace installation

Door installation & maintenance


Building Supplies

Garden Styling and Outdoor Systems

For projects looking to utilize their outdoor spaces, yards and patios to create recreational areas and lawn systems in Doha.

Decks, Patios & Outdoor Structures

Fencing & Gates

Garden & Landscape Supplies

Lawn & Sprinklers

Pools & Spas

Sports Courts & Outdoor Play

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